With the hands in contact with the clay,

molding it,

caressing it,

working it,

I look in its essence for small sculptures that could accompany me…

And in a trip to Tanzania, touched by so much beauty,

I discovered that, in the Swahili language,

mikono means hands,

a name that I wanted to adapt to my collections

in the form of Mikana.

Everything started there.

And here is the result.


Ana Ribó

Our world…


 It is a brand created #ForWomenByWomen. Mother and daughters, each one contributes her talents
II   We are inspired by Nature, Women and the different beauties and essences, Art, Intellect, Cultures
III   Our pieces are handmade, working the clay to later obtain molds for silver pieces plated in gold
IV   Our sculpting process is beautiful and inimitable: handmade, slow and delicate
V   When making the final molds we must break the piece of clay. It is a creation-destruction-creation process that makes our designs extraordinary
VI   Our pieces are special and unique; we created Mikana to design jewels we need and could not find
VII   Our jewels know little of age, occasion and temporality; exclusive pieces for mother and daughter, night and day, today and tomorrow